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September 10th, 2013
Zoom Super Hog

by: Walker Smith


For several years, the original Zoom Brush Hog has been one of my favorite flipping and pitching baits. I’ve been fishing a lot lately with its cousin, the Zoom Super Hog and I’ve been wearing the bass out with it. While it retains some of the attractive characteristics of the Brush Hog, the Super Hog is more heavy cover-friendly and has been producing a lot of bass for me over 5-pounds.

Gives the angler more options

I’ve never been too crazy about soft plastic baits with connected pinchers or claws because most of them come apart after a few skips into cover. Fortunately, the Super Hog pinchers stay connected and won’t separate when you’re looking for a more compact profile. I’ve been keeping them connected when fishing around grass, which makes them a great option for punching matted vegetation.

When casting to stump flats and flipping and pitching wood with the Super Hog, I’ve had a lot of success with the pinchers separated. You don’t need scissors to separate them, so it makes for a quick and easy modification without wasting much fishing time. When Texas rigged with the pinchers separated, the pinchers float in the water and kick as you lift your rod tip. When a compact profile isn’t necessarily needed, this provides a lot of action and has been very effective for me in stained water situations.

Accommodates big flipping hooks

I’ve been hugely impressed by my hookup ratio on the Super Hog. The body is thick enough to use with a large 5/0 flipping hook, yet thin enough to promote outstanding hook penetration on the hookset. It doesn’t slide down the shank of the hook and it doesn’t tear and lose any structural integrity on missed hooksets or short strikes.

I recently found a school of giant bass in a creek channel and I couldn’t stay hooked up with them while using another type of soft plastic. I’d get a bite and let them swim with it for 3 or 4 feet, but was still coming up short. I switched to a Super Hog—with the same hook—and immediately started jacking on them. The point of a 5/0 flipping hook penetrates the bait right about the pinchers, making it hard for a bass to short strike the bait.

Gets into the thick stuff with ease

The Zoom Super Hog
has the same body design as the Brush Hog, but its hind quarters have been altered to turn it into a more compact flipping and pitching bait. Zoom removed the curly appendages from the Brush Hog design and replaced them with thin, crawfish-like pinchers that make the Super Hog a stone cold killer in everything from gnarly wood, thick pads and matted vegetation.

The Super Hog doesn’t get snagged when you’re flipping and pitching it into the crud. I’ve flipped this bait into the thickest stuff I can find and its compact profile allows it to fall straight through the cover and to the fish with ease.


The Zoom Super Hog is extremely durable. With that being said, you won’t find a soft plastic bait that will last you for an entire day, but a single Super Hog can handle multiple big fish. I’ve had my fair share of bream bites on this bait, too and it holds up very well.

It also won’t rip or tear when you slide it over the bait keeper of a straight-shank flipping hook. It stays intact nicely and allows for aggressive skips when pitching it under dock walkways and overhanging trees.

Whether you’re a dragger, flipper or pitcher, don’t overlook the Zoom Super Hog. It’s a quality bait that will catch a lot of big bass. Not to mention, you only have to spend $3.99 per 10-pack.

The Zoom Super Hog is available at TackleWarehouse.com.

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