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Winds Postpone AOY Championship for Third Day
Bassmaster Elite Series tournament officials postponed competition in the...
Johnson Wins Rayovac FLW Series on Mississippi River
Jimmy Johnson of La Crosse, Wis., weighed a five-bass...
PAA Tournament Series Announces 2014 Fall Schedule
Professional Anglers Association (PAA) announced the final details of...
Elites Series AOY Championship Postponed Again
Bassmaster Elite Series tournament officials postponed competition in the...
Hydrowave H2 Now Available
The new Hydrowave H2 is now available to anglers...
Smallmouth Spin Out Casey Ashley
Pro anglers are expected to have all the answers,...
Second Day of AOY Championship Postponed
Bassmaster Elite Series tournament officials postponed competition in the...
Hite Leads Tournament, Hackney Leads AOY on Lake Michigan
Brett Hite leads the field with 24 pounds, 6...
Gluszek Hosts Shallow Water Tactics Class on Bass University TV
Looking to further improve your shallow water bass fishing skills? ...
Vicious Vision Offers Two More Lens Colors
Vicious Vision just introduced two new lens colors to...

We went back and looked at our analytics for the year to see what articles and videos were viewed and read the most. Here is a look back at the top headlines and videos from 2013 on Wired2fish.com.


Wired2fish Top 10 Articles of 2013

Five Bass Fishing Rigs Every Angler Should Know

This is our most read article on the site. With good reason. It has useful information on rigging soft plastics for bass for all levels of anglers.

Angler Killed in Motel Parking Lot at Bass Open

This heartbreaking news story got national headlines when a BASS Open angler was shot and killed in a Motel 6 parking Lot in Jackson, Miss. after going to confront a robber vandalizing his boat.

Fishing Close Encounters with Lightning

Another nationally recognized viral piece, this is the craziest close lightning strike ever caught on video. This gives us the chills still today when we watch it. Way to close in a bass boat.

The Best Bass Bite Ever

Definitely the craziest bass fishing strike we’ve ever seen caught on video. We just had to share it and it was very popular with bass anglers of all levels.

Learn to Spy Bait (New Bass Fishing Technique from Japan)

This new technique out of Japan really is catching on in the states now that the lures are more readily available and we’ve already seen some huge strings on unsuspected fisheries like Guntersville with these diminutive baits and technique.

Head-on Boat Crash on Okeechobee

This stuff scares us. Unfortunately we know a few folks who have died in boat wrecks and stuff like this unnerves us. A good reminder to slow down and be more aware in blind spots (narrow passages especially at the turns).

10 Worm Fishing Secrets You May Not Know

Just a great worm-fishing authoritative article from the angler we consider the worm master, Larry Nixon.

Choosing the Right Gear Ratio Reel

Picking the right gear ration on bait casting fishing reels still confuses some folks, so we sought out to clear the confusion for folks if we could. And it seemed to help a lot of folks pick fishing reels.

10 Ways to Improve Your Coldwater Cranking

These are some of the best tips on catching bass with crank baits when the water temperatures dip into the 50s and below.

5 Soft Plastic Shapes for Summer Bass

Here Gerald Swindle, gives us his favorite shapes for catching summer bass on soft plastics and how he employs each one in his tournament travels.


Wired2fish Top 5 Videos of 2013

Best Big Bass Miss of All Time

This video cracks us up. We’ve watched it a bunch. One to bookmark when you need to cheer yourself up after a tough day of fishing.

Most Important Thing with Jerkbaits

KVD Shares his wisdom on fishing jerk baits more effectively in cold water and beyond.

Installing Lowrance HDS Touch Units

A look at the new Lowrance HDS Units being installed on one of the Wired2fish boats for the 2013 season.

Fishing Subtle Swimbaits with KVD

KVD foreshadowed that the finesse swim bait was going to play a more important role in tournament fishing. Then Faircloth went and one the first event on it.

How to Modify Topwater Frogs

The frog man, Dean Rojas, walks though how he tweaks his Spro Bronzeye frogs before he fishes with them.

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