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Bassmaster Elite Series pro Jeff Kriet talks about using the Hydrowave for finding fish as well as catching fish. He uses it a lot when practicing for big tournaments to make the fish expose themselves. See what he means in this video.

Video Transcript: Hi I’m Jeff Kriet and I’m going to talk to you about the Hydrowave. I hear all the time does it really work?? But I’m telling you that it works, 100% it works. On the Bassmaster Elite Tour 100 guys have a hydrowave on their boat. You never want to be the guy without one. But some of the tricks I’ve learned and I’ve probably run this this longer than anybody other than KVD, is there is no really you don’t have to worry about screwing up. Okay? Just turn it on and run it. If you’re just out fishing I like this thing on right now I have it on power pattern with a 30 second delay. Okay? You cannot go wrong with it and when you run it the volume depends on the condition. Like today its not overly windy it’s kind of calm so I’m going to come in here and set my volume on like 3 to 4 bars. Okay? I’m not going to blast them out I just want that little crackling and the shad things like that. Now if it’s really windy I’ll bring that volume up. The other thing i’ll do is if I was in here right now and if I was seeing fishing schooling around a little bit I might turn that volume really high because what I’m going to do when I do that is I’m going to bring the shad in closer to me that way they will start blowing up in range of my casting, so I don’t have to troll over here to try to catch one that blew up and then troll over there you will literally bring the fish in. Another tip I can tell you that has made a big difference for me  is when I’m practicing. Okay? When I’m out on these ledges and I’m out there trolling around and looking around trying to find them that’s a lot of the times where I’ll run this volume on 10 and I’ll tell you why because I’m not concerned in practice about catching those fish. When I crank the thing up to 10 any bass that were on the very bottom you will never see them on your graph. So if I turn this thing up really high what’s going to happen is when I’m watching my graph I’ll watch these fish raise up a little bit they will swim because they’re curious because you know they will here that shad and they here the feeding they will swim up. I’m not worried about catching them so I will drop a way point right where I am and then when I come back around when I fish for them I may turn that volume back down but I’ll know exactly where they are. Its worked for me several times and during tournaments also where I’ve been catching them on a ledge and may have my buoy out and I’m fishing and I’m not really getting bit. So I roll up my buoy and as I start fishing them may have moved 40 or 50 yards. So always remember on your graph that the fish that are on the very bottom you won’t see, you’ll never see them. But if you can bring them up a couple feet you will see them. Use that Hydrowave for practice; it’s a big big tool for that.

2 thoughts on “Tricks for the Hydrowave

  1. Power Pattern? What’s that?
    My unit has Feeding Frenzy, Schooling, Passive Finesse, Fleeing Bait, Bait Frenzy, and Bait Panic.

    Hmmmm. Has there been changes that I’m unaware of?

    Inquiring minds……well, you know.

  2. ‘Power Pattern’ is an option on one of two Sound Expansion Modules available for purchase. Personally, I figure the stock unit works just fine. Good luck.

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