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April 30th, 2008
TABU Open Water Jigs

by: Terry Brown


TABU Tackle’s slogan is Tournament Approved by Us. Kelly Jordon, Dave Lefebre, Anthony Gagliardi, Matt Herren, Fred Roumbanis, and Michael Murphy have the credentials to know what works and build quality tackle that catches bass right out of the package and each product goes through a strenuous series of tests by each angler.

Uniquely positioned as a angler owned company TABU builds a great jig and one worth taking a look at. The first product in a growing list of products from TABU was a Open Water jig.

As with all of the TABU products each angler has input into the products and surprisingly the anglers agreed on specific items in the new OW Series. From the finish on the head to weedguard, skirt and hook they agreed there was certain things that worked better than others. The head has a matte finish. The weedguard is specifically tapered to allow for excellent hook penetration but yet keep the jig weedless. The 3/0 and 4/0 ultra sharp thin-wired hooks are great for hook ups with minimal pressure and using the best in silicone skirts make the bait more lifelike. These were all variables the TABU pros knew about and could control.

“It was scary how much we agreed on what a jig should do” said veteran pro Dave Lefebre. “We felt a matte finish was better than a shiny one and it seemed that larger fish preferred that. The head design was also one we all agreed on. The design of the head matches well with the other components of the jig to make it a perfect system” he added. “When we compared notes it was surprising how many of us looked for the exact same things in a premium quality jig”

This is a great jig for swimming and hopping along the bottom. The TABU logo was incorporated into the underside of the jig head and actually looks like part of the color pattern of a crawfish.

The Inside Scoop
TABU OW Series comes in 4 sizes, 5/16 with 3/0 hook, 7/16 with 4/0 hook, the 9/16 with 4/0 hook and the ¾ ounce model also with a 4/0 hook.

They have 10 colors including Black/Blue, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Black Rusty Craw, Blue Crab, Green Pumpkin Green, Green Pumpkin Orange, Watermelon Red, Chameleon, Soft Shell and Albino Flash.

They retail for $3.89 for the 5/16, $3.99 for the 7/16, $4.09 for the 9/16 and $4.29 for the 3/4.

They can be purchased at www.Tacklewarehouse.com or www.TackleExperts.com.

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