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January 20th, 2014
Sufix 832 Braided Line

by: Walker Smith


Although many anglers tend to think all braided line is the same, that’s definitely not the case in my opinion. Without much work, you’ll find braid that crimps, frays, digs and loses color—all of which are very undesirable traits.

For my finesse fishing needs, I’ve been using Sufix 832 Braid lately with outstanding success. The bass here in Georgia have the January funk right now, causing me to break out the spinning gear, downsize my baits and grind it out. I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with this braid and it has been responsible for hundreds of my fish catches this winter.

Great longevity

Before using this braid, I had been having problems with the longevity of my finesse braid. After just a few fishing trips, it would get really thin—almost like dental floss—and become extremely frail. Each time I tried to tie a line-to-line knot, the braid would snap whenever I cinched the knot. I was keeping my knots wet, but it didn’t help at all.

sufix 832 braid knot
Since switching to 20-pound Sufix 832, I haven’t had a single issue with longevity. It doesn’t thin-out over time which allows it to hold knots excellently. Its color does fade a bit after a few weeks of use, but that doesn’t concern me at all. I’m using a 6-foot fluorocarbon leader, so it doesn’t matter if the line is pink—the fish aren’t going to see it.

Very supple

sufix 832 braided line on spinning reel
You can get away with stiff braided line for heavy duty applications such as froggin’ or flipping, but it can be a nightmare when finesse fishing. Just like a bad fluorocarbon, stiff braid will jump off of your spinning reel, dig into itself and kink around your line guides constantly.

Sufix 832 is very soft and supple and it handles beautifully whether you’ve used it for a few weeks or even a few months. When you hook into a good fish and put the line under increased pressure, it doesn’t dig into the spool and create any weak spots—on each cast, the line comes off the spool effortlessly.

Some other braids can also kink a lot when you store it for a few days. If you clip your bait onto your rod, there will be a hard kink wherever the braid comes out of the rod tip. This not only creates castability issues over time, but it weakens the line and makes it more prone to breaking.

Fortunately, the limpness of Sufix 832 doesn’t allow it to kink or crimp while not in use. You don’t have to fool with searching for bad spots and removing feet of line. Just unclip your bait and start casting.

Super sensitive

sufix 832 braided line is very sensitive
I don’t know why this is the case, but this line is much more sensitive than many braided lines. Maybe it’s the type of fibers it’s made from or something, but either way, I’ve been absolutely blown away by how much I’m able to feel with it.

Just this past weekend I was fishing a tournament in extremely heavy rain and 25 mile per hour winds—definitely not ideal conditions. I was throwing a shaky head on deep river ledges and it was so bad that my rod was being blown sideways with the wind. I hit a stretch of ledge and start pounding on ‘em one cast after another. I have no idea how I felt all the bites, but even in the awful conditions, I could feel even the softest bites. My co-angler was absolutely amazed that I was catching these fish, but I honestly don’t think I was doing anything special—this braid just allowed me to feel everything down there. Talk about impressive.

If you’re a finesse angler, I would totally suggest checking out Sufix 832 Braided Line. Again, I’ve been using a 20-pound 832 main line on all my finesse setups with excellent results. It starts at $19.99, but I believe it’s worth every penny. Believe me, I stocked up on it after this past weekend.

Sufix 832 is available at TackleWarehouse.com.

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12 thoughts on “Sufix 832 Braided Line

  1. I use this braid exclusively, one of the most importand tool in my arsenal. Fishing rivers makes it hard to detect bites sometimes this line I pick up everything it truly is amazing. Wort every penny in every line size!

  2. I switched from power Pro to Suffix because of the fuzzy line you get with Power Pro. I use the 15 lb. mono also on Carolina rigs.

  3. Greatly appreciate the evaluation of this product. I’m preparing for the 2014 season here in the Northwest. One of my topics of focus is braid for spinning gear. Thank you!

  4. I tried the 832 on my spinning reels and had terrible line twist issues, almost as bad as straight fluorocarbon. I use power pro slick now and it works great.

  5. I’m about to use braided line for the first time. How do you connect it to the fluorocarbon leader? Directly? And if so, with what know? Or with a swivel?

  6. The most expensive, but best braid I’ve bought. Well worth the money. I have 20lb on my inshore rod and 30lb on my surf rod. I sometimes cry when I get snagged/etc and need to cut the line… :(

  7. I use Suffix 832 – 65lb. frog fishing, have tried and used every other braid made up until about 2 years ago (when I went exclusively to Suffix). It works better than any other, no break offs, they all bleach out, but with Suffix 832 I don’t even think about retying on a 50+ bass day. I throw into the roughest stuff available and get the big girls on and out!

  8. Braided line is awesome .. but I keep hearing about problems after a few weeks to a month of fishing with it … lol first of all if you’re using any braided line for this length of time then you deserve to lose fish and break off .. no matter how expensive it is or what kind you choose to use .. I’ve been using braided line for years and years .. and I change my Braided line every 10 days of fishing no matter what .. yes its expensive .. but I’m not going to lose a record fish due to my line breaking .. all comes down to friction on fiber lines .. cast after cast after cast the line gets weaker and weaker .. so you wanna fish with the big boys , better have some money in the bank .. because you can’t believe the hype about braid lasting longer then mono or any other line .. don’t be cheap and replace the braid often .. or suffer with a handful of problems . Original power pro is # 1 . And always will be ..

    • I’ve had the same braid spooled up on several rods for up to 2 seasons without any breaking issues… if you need to change your braid every 10 days, I suggest you either find a new braid, or start replacing your cracked/worn out guides…

  9. I have fished the Sufix 832 65lb braid on my bait caster in the Missouri River for cats. I’m 70 years young now & must say this is the BEST braid I have ever used. Very strong & EASY casting. Yours truly, Denny

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