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Some penalties seem too lenient to us when it comes to cheating in tournaments. What do you think of this one?

Minnesota angler, 72-year-old, Alfred Mead has reportedly had a decade of suspicious tournament fishing activity and finally was busted and admitted to cheating in a Park Rapid American Legion Community Fishing Derby on Feb. 2. Reportedly he caught 2 northern pike in another lake and transported them to the tournament lake to weigh in.

For his sentence, he was given one week in jail and had his fishing privileges revoked for 2 years.

For more on this fishing tournament cheater, see the full article on FoxNews.com.

19 thoughts on “Minnesota Angler Gets Week in Jail for Cheating

  1. This guy is a thief plain and simple and should be prosecuted as such. Over a ten year period this scum stole a lot of money I’m sure.

  2. Pingback: Another cheater caught!!!!

  3. That is like a slap on the wrist. Lock him up for the next 5 years and revoke his fishing license for life.

  4. He definitely didn’t get it Good enough in my book. What a scumbag….. And he can FISH AGAIN in two years? Wow. These are the people we need off the WATER. Period.

  5. Anything over $500 is considered grand larceny and thus a felony will accompanies it. Loss of right to vote or carrying or owning a firearm. Should also be a lifetime ban from all fishing related activities.

  6. Good for his cheatin’ behind. Throw the book at his old ass. Thinking he can do stuff just cause he’s old. Should’ve been 12 weeks.

  7. I was at the Derby(we go every year). I think he should lose all Hunting and fishing rights for life myself. This guy has won prizes at a lot of different derby’s not just Park Rapids. All of us that played by the rules where cheated by him, and other people(not myself because I did not catch a fish) at the contests he cheated at lost out because their fish was bumped out of a prize because of him.

  8. Definitely a start to justice. Lifetime ban from tournament fishing and forfeiture of all fishing for 5 years would have been better than two years.

  9. I agree. All fishing equipment and boat should be confiscated. Jail time for more than a just a week, heavy fines, banned from all tournaments, and a felony charge on his or anybody else’s record.

  10. Throw the book at him! Knowing this guys past, likely that he will fish while suspended. I hope he gets caught and throw him back in jail for longer. Cheating at an American legion community tourney (a not for profit veteran organization) is lowest of the low! Given that it was an ice fishing tourney and no boat, seize the vehicle he used to transport the fish.

  11. How much time would he have got for stealing a new Polaris off the dealer’s lot? Since that was the 1st place prize, the punishment should fit the value of the prize. It was his intent to steal that item from the rightful winners. We need a better system in place for sharing this information. With social media it shouldn’t be hard to communicate and black ball these guys from tournaments. Directors should work together to share this info and keep cheaters out of tournaments.

  12. I fished the pro am circulating in the Northern Virginia area for about 10 years .
    Bassmaster has been doing that for almost 20years with lie detector test. If you can’t read the small print sorry about your luck. All fishing your fishing cubs now are run by BASS and FLW . Their rules read the fellow that’s in jail we’ll never have to worry about him because he’ll never get to fish another tournament again not run by FLW or BASSMATER.

  13. Look, tournament officials everywhere can now refuse to let him sign up for their tournaments.

    People everywhere are going to be watching him like a hawk.

    He’s going to wind up with a lifetime ban just because no one is going to want him in their tournaments.

    Plus, hope he likes to fish by himself because anyone who fishes with him in a recreational setting is also going to face a lot of unwanted scrutiny if they also fish tournaments.

    He’ll wind up paying for this for the rest of his life.

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