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If you fish big water with big waves and rough conditions, the new Minn Kota Bow Mount Stabilizer is  must-have to prolong the life of your Minn Kota trolling motor. I’ve been using mine for quite some time now and I have been extremely impressed by it. In fact, it’s a little tough to imagine not having one now.

There are 3 things that make this stabilizer a smart investment:

  • Keeps your trolling motor intact and extends its life
  • Very simple to install—anyone can do it.
  • Well-built and sturdy

Keeps everything in place

I cringe every time I hit a big wave because it kills me to think about the beating my gear takes in rough water. Boats don’t have suspension systems like cars, so your equipment gets the brunt of the impact. Thankfully, I don’t have to worry about my trolling motor anymore because the Bow Mount Stabilizer keeps everything where it should be.

The head of my trolling motor doesn’t bounce around at all, regardless of the conditions I’m fishing or driving in. When a trolling motor head has a lot of “play” in it, the integrity of the mounting hardware can be compromised, resulting in a loud, rickety trolling motor. Minn Kota’s Bow Mount Stabilizer keeps everything in place and my trolling motor quiet when fishing.

Sometimes when idling at low RPMs, trolling motor heads can start rattling. Not only is it annoying, but it’s not good for it. This stabilizer stops all unnecessary rattling.

Easy to install

Installing the Bow Mount Stabilizer only took about 5 minutes. Even better, only one person is needed for the install, so you don’t have to rely on an extra set of hands. It comes with very easy-to-follow directions and you’ll only need 2 tools to install it—an Allen wrench for tightening the provided bolts and a hack saw to cut the rod to your desired length.

You won’t need to do much, if any, customization. The mounting holes are set into the bracket and 2 Allen-head stainless steel screws are included in the unit with matching Nylock nuts that fit perfectly on the underside of the bracket.

So many things you buy for your boat these days are never as easy to install as they seem but I was extremely pleased with the simplicity of this installation experience.


I’ve been impressed by the durability of the Minn Kota Bow Mount Stabilizer. It’s built like a tank, made of brushed anodized aluminum and the rod is a durable aluminum with a sturdy rubber foot.

To further increase the durability and strength of this mount, I actually filed the rod to a rounded edge after trimming it with a hacksaw. It led to an easier, smoother install and keeps the rubber foot secure without any tearing after multiple uses.

If you’re looking to extend the lifespan of your expensive trolling motor, I strongly suggest looking into a Minn Kota Bow Mount Stabilizer. It’s extremely functional, easy to use and install and lasts a long time. It may be the smartest $34.99 an angler can spend.

If you have a Maxxum Pro, Maxxum, Riptide Pro or Riptide SM bow-mount trolling motor, click here to purchase.

The Fortex stabilizer will be available on TackleWarehouse.com within a few weeks.

Note: The new Fortrex stabilizer is available as a part, part number 2771929.  Minn Kota parts are available through any Minn Kota Authorized Service Center, you can find your nearest ASC with this webpage: http://www.minnkotamotors.com/service/asclocator.aspx.  Minn Kota Parts can be ordered direct from the factory by calling (800) 227-6433.


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