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Storm will be releasing a new line of Arashi crankbaits (Japanese for storm). These crankbaits have a lot of interesting features and Brandon Palaniuk just nearly showed how effective they can be had he not made an inadvertent error on day two of the Bassmaster Elite Series tournament. He caught a pile of big smallmouths on these new crankbaits from Storm this past week as you can see by the chew marks on these baits. The new series features two square bills (3 and 5) that are silent, feature computer chip lips and a self centering line tie that never needs to be tuned. They also have the front hook hanger turned so that you can put bigger hooks on there without them hanging on each other. There will also be a flat sided crankbait that dives to 7 feet and a 10 foot standard diver. Both the 7 and 10 will have rattles. They will be offered in 12 to 15 colors, several new ones shown here.

We’re anxious to test the auto-tune line tie. Apparently it can never go out of tune. That will be very interesting if it holds true.

two sizes of new storm squarebill crankbaits

8 thoughts on “ICAST Sneak Peek | Storm Arashi Crankbaits

  1. Regardless of Brandons dq, these things where proven on day 1&2. I will try one because of that. Was his primary color the shad one?

  2. I’m wondering if it was the area Brandon P. was fishing or was it the bait? The reason I wonder is I picked up a few Storm Twitch Sticks and I was doing really good with them in the threadfin shad color, both sizes were producing and I was doing better than the guys I was fishing with so maybe the new Storm baits are the real deal, looks like my wallet is going to get beat up pretty good after this ICAST. Thanks for the preview guys.

  3. I notice in the two pictures that the snap is connected to the O ring. Does this do any thing negative to the action? I know some anglers that remove all of the O rings just so they can use snaps.

    Brian Krestian

    • In those Bassmaster pictures not only can you see the new Arashi, but Brandon is also using a different rod. It is an all red blank with black handle. It also has a red reel attached which could be the new Abu Garcia Rocket Reel. I wonder if this is a new rod coming out from Abu Garcia along with the new reels. I guess ICAST will have some great stuff again to show this year.

  4. I just got an email from Storm about these baits and Brandon Palaniuk’s use of them in the Mississippi tournament. I went to their website and you can’t even find them there. Talk about not ready for prime-time! Why promote it with a link if your customers can’t even buy it!

    Also, they do not have “computer chip lips” like the text says. They have phenolic lips which is what printed circuit boards are made of. But all it means to me is that these are not mass produced baits so they must be prototypes.

    Lots of hype and no follow through.

    • Pretty much every lure that is introduced is introduced in this fashion. You’re going to see like a 1,000 new products in the next two weeks on this site alone from ICAST and virtually ALL of them will not be available to the public until fall. This is the time of year when most of the new fishing tackle is announced. Fall is when it starts hitting retail shelves. Been this way for decades with nearly every company in the industry.

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