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July 15th, 2013
ICAST 2013 | Plano

by: Jason Sealock


Plano always unveils a lot of new storage options for a multitude of different anglers each year at the ICAST show and this year was no exception.


The new hot item from Plano that also happened to win best of show for the accessories category was the Plano Guide Series line of tackle bags. These bags feature 4 different sized bags plus a worm binder in the new line. There are 3500, 3600, 3700 and Hydro Flow 3700 bags in the lineup. The 3500 and 3600 come with 5 36oo boxes in them as well as a 3600 Stowaway box on top while the 3700 variety comes with 6 3700 boxes inside and one on top. The idea is as you fish for something during the day and the bite changes, you take the box you’re using the most on top and put it back in the bag and pull out the other box you might be using more now. It makes it easy to get at and interchangeable for guides and anglers alike.


The bags feature several compartments that they labeled. This helps you remember where you put your pliers, sunglasses, license, cell phone and more and makes each one easily accessible in a single zip.  The bags have big loops on the zippers in case you’re fishing in gloves, with wet hands, etc.


Anglers have been asking for fixed storage Stowaways in larger sizes for years and now they have them.


They also introduced new HydroFlow Stowaway Spinnerbait box that holds something like 72 spinnerbaits. The key to HydroFlow boxes is that water causes rust because there is no air to allow the baits to dry and no way for the water to escape. So the water just sits in the box. Now this big spinnerbait box you can wash them off and just leave the box out to drip dry.

Finally they also introduced some new configurations on rod storage with the Guide Series Rod Bags designed for fly rods, 2-piece rod and reel combos and ultralight rod and reel combos. Pretty nice idea for the guy that just throws his rod in the truck and goes.





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