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FLW Tour’s most recent champion Casey Martin shared a boat with Jason this spring. And he shared his thoughts on what his goals are as a rookie pro, what it takes to stay in the sport and what he perceived it took to win 3 months before his first major tournament win as a professional angler.


9 thoughts on “Great Insight on Going Pro in Fishing

  1. He doesnt make fishing pro sound all that fun does he? LOL…ive never fished a single tournament and thats part of the reason why, im afraid it will take the joy i have for fishing away

  2. Worst video topic ever. So instead of promoting the sport of fishing, for adults and children alike they decide to put up a video of an angler saying hes only in it for the money, its just about money for me. NO, Its about competitive fishing, to promote the sport. Anyone watching this video is gonna say “Forget this guy, he’s just in it for some big payday. Any and all sponsors this guy has should drop him right away. Clearly hes not out there selling products cause he beieves in them, he just wants cheap fees and free products to help Him get paid, not you. Guys like this is way the Competitive sport fishing league are turning to corporate paydays and garbage events. I’m gonna approach his affliates and see what they thik about his career goals.

  3. Why all the haters??

    It IS all about the money….. the love of the sport is obviously a given or nobody could devote themselves to the time and monetary demands involved, but good grief people, it’s a PROFESSION…. a CAREER.

    There’s a term for folks who fish tournaments for no cash…. it’s called a club angler. Try paying your bills that way.

    Casey Martin is smart, savvy, and a winner….

  4. He’s just being realistic. You can’t make out there on the circuit without the $$$$ unless your indepedantly wealthy. Sure we all do it cause we love to fish & have that competitive nature, but that’s the difference between a weekend angler vs pro.

  5. Really sad seeing somebody approach the sport like this. Casey, not only did you contradict yourself by saying “you’re in it for money not for the best four day weight” (if you have the best four day weight you make the most money…)but if it’s about money to you, then why don’t you go back to the corporate world? You’ll have job security and less expenses. As somebody who is passionate about the growth of the sport of bass fishing, it makes me sick to think greed fuels you. Passion breeds success. People like you are whats wrong with the sport. Hope you figure things out!

    • Don’t take it out of context. We asked him a tough question. There have been hundreds of guys that went into fishing as a career because it was “fun” and unfortunately a good many of them of them end up bankrupt because they don’t focus on their “job.” He came from a financial advisor background. And that part of him helps him focus on fishing as a business besides the fun the part of it. Don’t pigeon-hole him because he was honest about his focus on making a long career out of fishing and not just doing it for a year until he runs out of money. He’s probably the most respectful angler I’ve talked to about the guys who came before him and how much he’s learned from the veterans of the sport along the way.

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