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This might be the best reason we’ve ever seen to not fish during lightning. This is as close as you hopefully will ever see lightning on the water. This makes our skin crawl. How many of you have had close encounters from lightning, buzzing rods, floating line, or worse yet — struck? Watch this video. Crazy! Thanks to Tucker Owings for sharing on his facebook page and Garrett Seagraves for driving the boat and getting them back safely.

10 thoughts on “Fishing Close Encounters with Lightning

  1. I was fishing Lake Erie during a Federation event and there was a storm in the area and when I casted out the bait was in the water and the line was floating in the air.


  2. These were guys from the Dallas Baptist University bass team. The storm blew in on them and they were trying to get in when this happened. Thankfully nobody got hurt.

  3. I made it to a dock on a creek off the Chesapeake just in time to run on shore and see a strike hit about 30 yards off the water. I don’t fish thunderstorms anymore.

  4. I am the biggest sissy when it comes to fishing in a storm. I will fish in rain all day long, but let me hear thunder and I am off the water faster than you’ve ever seen. Call me what you want, but I would rather not take the chance at all then end up in a real bad situation. If I am fishing on someone else’s boat and it’s a possible storm that could blow in, I ask them to please get me off the water asap if it thunders or lightning. People think I’m joking, but I got a wife and two kids to make sure I’m around for, I would rather live to fish another day

    • This is what you call a smart fisherman. If the storm is just blowing through you can always go back out. It is not worth your life.

  5. A good fisherman knows the weather and gets off the lake long before this happens. Lighting and boating is no joke. You are not some stud fisherman by “roughing” out a thunder storm. Play it smart and fish again.

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