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Todd Hammill“The Northern Gourmet” *


Out of Minnesota, Hammill has an affinity for numbers and smoked meats on his custom built smokers. His favorite technique would be fishing a Zoom Super Fluke for bass in clear Minnesota waters. He ran Gemini Custom Apparel for a while and sold custom embroidered and printed products prior to that down in the Twin Cities. He’s also an avid ice fisherman and excels as ultra-finesse angler on frozen water.


Terry Brown“The Dribbling Midwesterner” *


Terry spent 25 years as a Manager of Telecommunications at State Farm Insurance and also spent several years as a Business Legislative Liaison for State Farm, working with legislators on insurance and banking issues, in South Carolina. He was involved in one of the first large scale fiber based Virtual Private Networks to 25 Corporate/regional Office locations and also helped set up the first disaster and customer call centers for State Farm while there. Before Wired2Fish Terry was the Head of Sales and Marketing for BassFan.com and several of their other properties. 

Terry has written for Wired2Fish,  Bass Times, Heartland Outdoors, Bassmaster, BassFan and is currently doing a weekly outdoors column in the Daily Pantagraph plus works with the Wired2Fish customers in a product, customer support and sales role as the President of Wired2Fish. He has appeared on TV on the Great Angler Debate TV Series and has also appeared on many of the BASS Classic Yearbook shows. He also serves as an outdoor and sports expert for WJBC radio and did play by play high school and college sports there for 25 years. He played college basketball and baseball and still enjoys watching St.Louis Cardinal baseball.
Terry is an avid outdoorsman and tinkerer, loves working on boats and still competes as time allows in local tournaments. He was the Wrangler Angler for Illinois in 1997 nearly missing a spot in the Bassmaster Classic. Terry led the development of the Illinois High School Bass Fishing series and wrote the initial proposals for that program to be the first state to offer bass fishing as a sport in the country. He still emcees the State Finals there. He has been President of the Friends of Reservoirs, Friends of EverBloom, and continues to work on local and national lake projects.
Terry is married to Sue, 36 years and the father of Tyler(28) and Shelby(22).


Jason Sealock – “The Dump Truck Flipper*


Built like a dump truck, and having an addiction to flipping flooded cover, he loves fishing for bass, crappie and whatever trips his trigger. He’s noodled catfish in Mississippi, landed Dolphin in Costa Rica, wrestled 60-pound gar in Florida, and caught bass in more than 30 states. He was Editor-in-Chief for FLW Magazines, a freelancer writer and photographer published in many different forms of media and a successful IT manager for a decade. He gave it all up to take Wired2fish to the next level and provide great content for folks that love fishing and want to improve. He loves pitching shallow cover, jerking a flutter spoon on ledges and heaving big swimbaits around.


Walker Smith“The Southern Gentleman” *


The eager beaver of the bunch, he’s an accomplished Georgia angler and outdoor writer fresh out of college and a successful college fishing career with nationally ranked GCSU. He guides, fishes tournaments and writes with an obvious love and passion for the sport. At the end of the day, he’s all about the fun in fishing. He’s regularly featured in FLW Outdoors Magazine, Georgia Outdoor News, travel guides and is now the full-time Content Manager of Wired2fish.com. He’s a self-proclaimed power fisherman but he’s won a lot of money on finesse fishing techniques. When he’s not fishing or writing, you’ll find him hunting deer, wild pigs, turkey and other big game.


Don Barone“The One Legged Miracle”


Held together by love and donuts, Barone might hold claim to the biggest heart in fishing. He’s already an Emmy-Award-Winning writer for ESPN’s Behind The Lines investigative reporting. His pieces now are about the passion in fishing and the stuff that makes up the people in fishing rather than the fishing itself. He’s endured brain surgery, cancer treatments, leg surgery and more in recent years but it never seems to stop his passion for the sport. Follow him around on the Bassmaster Elite Series events and see where the heart of fishing originates.


Ronell Smith“The Tackle Insider”


The business insider in the fishing industry. Ronell has a good read on the fishing industry and runs a consulting business for outdoor companies and companies in other niches looking to take their business to the next level. He was editor-in-chief of Fishing Tackle Retailer for a while, and an editor for the Game and Fish publications before that. Now he focuses on content marketing, brand awareness and social networking to help business grow their brands. But he still fields a lot of calls from folks having issues in the fishing business and shares his experiences with us all.


Mike Pehanich“The Small Waters Guru”


Pehanich shares his expertise and the expertise of fishing experts on his Small Waters Fishing blog and shares what he finds with Wired2fish.com readers. He’s been extremely well published throughout a long career as a freelance outdoor writer with regular credits in Outdoor Life, Sporting Classics, In-Fisherman, Fish & Fly and more. He was formerly the editor for The Redbone Journal and senior writer for FTR. He brings a great perspective on fishing smaller lakes, ponds, streams and more and also how that applies to larger bodies of water.


Scott Glorvigen“The Multispecies Man” *


Being the only angler to ever win both the PWT and FLW Walleye Championships, G2 of the Glorvigen twins excels at much more than just walleye fishing. He’s an accomplished steelhead, panfish, ice fishing and bass angler as well. He fishes 12 months out of the year in several northern tier states with great success. He’s been a featured source in hundreds of articles, videos, radio interviews and more. He’s one of Lowrance’s go to anglers for testing their new equipment and is a wealth of knowledge on electronics, fish finders, boat rigging and more.


* Denotes in-house, full-time staff.