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We value your feedback and welcome the opportunity to partner with new advertisers. We read every email, form submission, and post we get on all of our various channels. While we may not have the opportunity to answer every single correspondence, be assured that it is taken and reviewed by our staff to continually look for ways to improve our business and your enjoyment of Wired2fish produced content.

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29 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. I have a quick question. I keep seeing this color called Green Ghost in the Rick Clunn Luck-E-Strike Crankbait? The reason I asked is because I would like to start using some new colors, but unsure if this would work very well in stained water or better in Clear water?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Noel, the Green Ghost color is a very effective color for clear water situations. That’s not to say its vibration alone won’t draw strikes in stained water, but dirty water generally calls for contrasting colors such as black/chartreuse, firetiger or even some bream patterns. Bright colors have been very effective for me in stained water, while more natural colors are great for clear water situations. Hope this helps. Good fishing!

  2. What is best knot for florucarbon line? I changed years ago to the Eugene fly leader knot and it works better than cinch and other lines but I have to retie often or have breakage on hook sets.

    Thanks, George

  3. Hello everyone,
    I thought of a great give away from Wired2fish to there fans! A chance to go fishing with Terry Brown or Jason Sealock. You gentlemen pick the lake, the date etc.. What do you think?

  4. I have to truly say this is the best of information that’s above par to many others. The layout, design and colors of the website is fantastic and ease of use and finding things couldn’t be any better. Staff are above par in providing the best in information to keep up with the everyday changes in the fishing industry. Article after article and video after video keep me going back each and everyday.
    I would love to be able to help in anyway possible with anything you may want for promoting,advertising, sharing and posting on facebook or anything to get you all out there more. Without you and the staff many wouldn’t even know where to start or get any question answered in a professional manner that helps, even myself.
    I thank you and would and have recommended anyone from the beginner to pro, to come and visit your site and see for themselves what I am talking about and passing on to others. Keep up the great work and as always I look forward to the next day! Dale

  5. I enjoy the website and overall you guys do a good job. The one critique I have is with your bait reviews in that there is never a negative review which makes an endorsement less meaningless when apparently every product is great . Maybe you should change the title to bait recommendations instead. I would also like to see less mainstream baits reviewed on occasion from smaller companies that are doing innovative things such as Matt lures for example instead of everything being driven to those who supply the ad money such as the Strike King’s of the world.

  6. Not to give away my age but I grew up when there was only the pistol grip rod was available for sale. Not to brag but I could make unbelievable cast through groups of cypress trees and thick brush with spinner baits, buss baits and top waters way back into them where the big bass live. Of course the short handle rods lead to the pins and screws in my elbow.
    I look for old rods with fast tips and strong back bones to get them out of the heavy cover. I am only 5’11″ and longer handle rods get in the way when trying to make these type cast.
    Question, are there any rod companys that make the pistol grip rods I need for this application?

    Thanks, George

  7. Can you give me the lineup on day two that I can match to my photos of the fishermen in order of leaving the dock? That would be in Guntersville on the morning of the 23rd.
    Thank You

  8. Just got the Wired to fish stickers you all sent me , loved them an thank you , done got them on my new boat , one for each console . Took some pics today of Chickamauga , had a little over 20lbs in 4 fish …well keep up.the good work guys , love reading ur articles , thanks again ,

  9. Hello guys, what an awesome website you guys have. Your articles and videos can teach u so much more in how to step up the game. I was curious if aluminum bass tracker boats can be wrapped? I have a 200 bass tracker pro team 185 and would love to wrap it if its possible? I fish the priority toyota james river series out of richmond,va. Thanks guys!!!

  10. jason,
    I was wondering if you guys sell wired2fish boat wraps? That would be awesome to have my boat wrapped in and represent you guys in the priority toyota james river series? Or even wraps for the windscreen on my boat?

  11. Hello Guys, I read every articule you post, reviews,and of course sign up for every giveaway. Its been a great source of information for me to improve my passion.

    I am a bank fisherman, i dont own a boat,yett… I would like to ask you guys what will be your rod and reel recomendation,maybe line size too, than can fit in different escenarios. If you will have to choose one what will be?

    I will apreciate if you have some articule with that kind of information you can share.

    Wire2Fish is awesome!!!

    Thank you Guys


  12. Thanks for the stickers, and the letter. Nobody writes letters anymore that’s awesome. Who knew Facebook would improve my fishing. Oh yeah and how do I get a job with you guys over here in Texas.

    Thanks again

  13. What do you guys and/or elite series pros have running on all your graphs as your going down the lake or when the trolling motor is down and you’re fishing? With all the displays you could have running at one time I was just wondering what the need for three or four large graphs was.

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