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Two-Time Classic Champion Bobby Murray checks in on Weighing In Radio with Terry Brown and talks about how to cut down the cost of entry for fishing.


16 thoughts on “Classic Champion Bobby Murray Talks Horsepower

  1. Last year I bought a new bass boat to replace my 14 year old boat and the “best” I could afford was a 19′ with a 175 horse outboard, so I agree with Bobby on this entirely.

  2. I’m 24 years old and there’s no way I can afford a $75,000 bass boat. It’s hard to fish the tournaments that I want without a boat. I support Bobby 100%!!!!!! What would be a good adorable boat for me? What should I look for if I’m buying a used boat ?

  3. I agree with Mr. Murray BASS needs to roll back horsepower. Mr. Murray sent everyone at BASS into panic mode I have not bought my first boat new or used because of cost. In Kansas in addition to insurance we pay 35% personal property tax of the assessed value of a boat every year.

  4. Great conversation with Bobby. He has hit the nail on the head. I have been fishing almost 60 years and have a bass boat. I have an 18′ with a 175 and the boat and motor have never caught one fish. I have to execute the pole to catch fish. I agree the limit needs to be address in order to keep it affordable. The rules of BASS should be look at in order to allow for these changes back to the days of the 150 max.

  5. so what size boat can a 150 power? I do agree with this and think it should be something B.A.S.S., P.A.A., and F.L.W. should all do.

  6. Just listened to this weigh in radio. While I was listening to was thinking about what happened to Mike Iaconelli at the sabine River. I don’t know if he was going too fast or not. A lot of these boats do have to much horsepower. I agree with Bobby they need to tone down the horses. And this also some thing that I will think about when I get ready to purchase a boat.

  7. I’m 16 and I fish probably around 200+ days out of the year. Right now I have a small 10ft jon boat as well as a 1997 18ft Stratos with a 150 and its a good boat but a little outdated with old technology and it needs a lot of upgrades. I plan on fishing in college so I plan on buying a used boat that is not so outdated and with the way that BASS and FLW has transformed the fishing industry where boats have become extremely expensive I have a feeling it will be quite challenging for me. I agree with mr. Murray 100% about how BASS and FLW should change the horsepower restrictions to around 150 or so because its crazy how expensive the new boats are and for someone young trying to progress in the sport in another challenge that must be faced. But one point I would like to bring up that both BASS and FLW should look into is the success of the Major League Fishing. They have all the pros running 18ft boats with 150 outboards and the pros are still successful, their skills don’t seem to be inhibited at all by the smaller boats and they still fish and tackle the extremes in boats smaller than they run tour. That really shows that big 20+ plus boats aren’t needed to be successful so hopefully either BASS or FLW realizes this and attempts to make a change.

  8. I have a 18′ 8″ Ranger with 150 E-Tec. I fish the BFL’s have been on Pickwick Lake in some very rough water & it will handle it.
    Have to remember at one time the 350V Ranger was the standard at 17′ 10″ with a 150. Brauer, Fritts, etc. all fished out of this Boat back in day. Selling more 150’s than fewer 250’s would create more jobs too!

  9. Bobby Murray is right on point. Recently, I sold my 20 foot boat with a 225 and replaced it with an 18 foot aluminum boat with a 115. It’s all about cost of operation. If I want to keep fishing and competing in tournaments, I had to scale down my boat so I could afford to fish. Anglers at multiple levels are being priced out of bass fishing. I got so frustrated at one point that I almost quit and found something else to do….and, I’ve fished all my life. The earlier comment posted about Major League Fishing is right on. It is really refreshing to watch those guys complete in 18 foot boats with 150s. They do just fine in those rigs.

  10. All I can say is this whole thing has been out of control for quite some time. No matter who says what, pushing 65-85 mph on the water is dangerous.

  11. Dead on Bobby! Its the boat industry to trying tell us what we need by having the 21′ boats and the bigger motors….I liked the days of a 16’boat with a 150hp like the Ranger 340 and the Skeeter Wranglers!

  12. Well I mentioned this same think many times since 2005. I have bought many of these big boats and high horsepower. I do have the money to do it but now after selling my last boat decided I’m 50 now did all this high dollar stuff and with gas also costing $100 to go fishing in these rigs and that is if u limit your run time or that’s not enough. Then you need bigger truck. On and on. Used boats in the 60k range. Nobody can buy but the wealthy. I’m buying a ranger aluminum and not looking back and saving my money. Fishing shouldn’t cost this. I’m going to have fun and not drop a house payment to go fishing. If they would do this then the pros boats would be used for around 30k not 60k.

  13. Just for curiosity’s sake I found an inflation calculator online and the $6,000 Bobby mentions having paid for his first boat (he didn’t mention a date but let’s say that was the price in 1971 when he won the first Classic) would be the equivalent of about $35,000 today. Which is about what they still charge for an 18 foot boat with a 150! And that 18 foot boat today is a heck of a lot better quality than what they sold in 1971. If anything I think the trend in our sport is the opposite of what everyone complains about. People who gripe about a $500 rod “pricing out the average angler” are overlooking the fact that the market has been flooded with great rods under $100 too. And the fact that online retail and craigslist/ebay markets let you buy used stuff for cheap, and those markets didn’t even exist 10 years ago. In many ways fishing is cheaper now than it has ever been, we should celebrate that.

  14. We better get rid of all electronics too, because not everyone can afford things like structure scan. And while we’re at it just go ahead and limit the number of rods and how much money one can spend on tackle for a tournament. I have been beaten many times by someone in a 14 foot aluminum boat. I don’t think they were mad that everyone else had a 20 foot boat with a 200.

  15. Chris and John are right- if anything fishing is way more affordable now than it ever has been. Look at the Nitro line of boats. You can get intoa full size, ready to fish bass boat (the same that KVD uses) for around $50, 000, and the 18′ class Z7s can be had for the high 20s. Skeeter is doing the same thing with the TZX series. No one said you needed a brand new boat, either. Often times a slightly used boat will work greay for most people and be half the cost.

    Its interesting that Mr. Murray brought up sonar and side scan. You can’t get into those for less than a thousand, and the big screen units run close to $3, 000. You know the old Humminbird Super Sixties worked great and were affordable, why isn’t he pushing for B.A.S.S. to use those only?

  16. OK. I think I have a workable solution, although I don’t pretend to know how it would be enforced. What about a simple speed limit……say 55 mph, during tournaments and practice. This increases boater safety and somewhat levels the playing field between the $3K used-boat folks and the $55K pretty-boat folks. Most everyone has a way to tell speed these days whether a speedometer or a gps.
    Other than how to enforce it, would anyone have a problem with that?

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