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We wrote about Rodney Ply being denied state and world record status for the 68-pound landlocked striper he caught in Arkansas back in May of 2012. Now the plot thickens as Ply has taken the matter to court. Not for just the world-record certification but also the $1 Million purse he missed cashing in through the Mustad Hook a Million contest that was going on at the time. If an angler caught one of the approved gamefish that was certified as a state record, the angler won $100,000. If the catch was certified as a world record, the angler won $1,000,000. Both the AGFC and IGFA denied his record because the fish fell for the controversial umbrella rig.

The IGFA should receive the suit sometime in the next week and have 20 days to reply. For more on the story, here is a link to an article on ABC News.

What do you think? Should he get the certified record and cash payout?


13 thoughts on “Angler Sues IGFA After Denying World Record Status

  1. If the umbrella rig is legal in Arkansas, he should be awarded the state record. If the rig is not designated as a disqualifying factor, he should then be awarded world record status and awarded the contest winnings.

  2. Yes he should get the prize money and the recognition. The fish was caught using a legal method by an angler with a fishing license.

  3. As long as the a-rig is legal in the state of Arkansas, he should receive his $1,000,000 and his world record. And as far as my knowledge goes, the a-rig is legal in Arkansas.

  4. not the first time a catch on an a-rig has been thrown out. it’s happened a couple times recently with both mustard and the igfa (and states) saying they are spreader bars and, therefor, illegal. while i think the alabama rig is a great setup, i understand why no one will accept fish caught on them. the rules say no a-rigs. state and international says no a-rigs. so please stop crying when you use one and no one will accept your catch.

  5. The IGFA said he caught the fish on an umbrella rig but the angler maintains it was caught on a home made spinnerbait that used a Mustad hook, if that is the case then he should have the certification and the money.

  6. This is such a joke. IGFA is horrible. IMO the freshwater fishing hall of fame holds all the true world records. There shouldn’t be more than one world record book. They are constantly making new rules to keep fish out. Ply caught the fish using conventional methods. State regulations say ge a-rig is acceptable. The record should count. This is no different than me not being able to get a state record in Illinois because I am an Aquatic Ecologist technician in IL and I know where potential records are. Well all data is public information so anyone could go try. It’s no guarantee to catch. I hope Ply wins this and IGFA looks like a bunch of fools again. I’ll have anybody’s back that legally catches a record. Congrats to Ply for a monster fish.

  7. I personally think umbrella rigs are kind of “cheap” but hey if it was legal and it adheres to the state rules… then pay the man and give him his record. would have been a bit more horoable(IMO of course) if it was done off of a single swimbait not something that has 8 or 9 hooks being ripped through the water…

  8. although they may be legal, the IGFA already had a rule on the books that fish caught on umbrella rigs were not eligible for world record consideration. I doubt he stands much of a chance in court.

  9. It literally makes ZERO difference what your personal opinions are about the A-rig. The fact of the matter is that the A-rig is legal in Arkansas, therefore it was a lawful/ethical catch and the record and prize money should be awarded to him. I’m not a lawyer, but in the Court of Common Sense it seems like this is pretty cut and dried. Not sure that the IGFA is gonna have a leg to stand on here.

  10. The only reason he should be dq’d is if the a-rig is restricted by state law, the IGFA rule book, or by the terms and conditions of the contest itself. God, I really hope he gets it!

  11. Sorry guys but I just read the IGFA rules and A-rigs are a no no. Even with one hook it’s still must be have a release to free the fish of the A-rig in order to fight on a free line! It looks like even a standard spinner- bait may not be legal. Bummer.

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