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“You with the sad eyes

don’t be discouraged…”


 Dateline: Moore, Oklahoma


In a perfect world, there would be no storms,


only rainbows.


And the clouds in the sky would only take the shape,


of ponies,




and sailing ships.


In a perfect world, there would be no sad hearts,


only smiles.


The rain would be lemonade,


and only popsicles,


would fall from the sky.


In a perfect, world.


But the world was less than perfect for you this spring, when the tornadoes came your way, and took, took so much, left so much hurt,


in a not so perfect world.


“…oh, I realize it’s hard to take courage…”


And yet, in our not so perfect world,


there is love,




For your family, for your neighbors, for your town,






for you.


In our not so perfect world, hundreds and hundreds of anglers all over the world, care for you.


Love you.


Anglers as far away as South Africa and Italy, South America and Spain, as well as anglers as close as Oklahoma City and Duncan, Oklahoma.


Love you.


And they have sent you something, a gift that brings with it, hope, a gift that brings with it, dreams.


I call it the magic wand of childhood.


Most everyone else calls it a fishing rod and reel.


But I know, that in a not so perfect world,


magic happens.


“…but I see your true colors…”


Thanks to the State of Oklahoma’s Department of Wildlife Conservation Fisheries people,


Thanks to the City of Moore, Oklahoma Department of Parks and Recreation,


Thanks to the Oklahoma B.A.S.S. Nation, especially the North Oklahoma City Bassmasters, the Sooner Bassmasters and the Oklahoma City Junior Bassmaster clubs,


Thanks to the generous donations from, The Family, Of Us, anglers all over the world,


Tackle The Storm Foundation will be coming on the morning of July 27, to the city of Moore, Oklahoma, and Buck Thomas Park… and we will bring with us the magic wands of childhood for all the children who have lost their fishing stuff to the storms,


of this not so perfect world.


Our goal, all of us involved, is a very simple one, we want to put every child victim of the storms, back on the water.


Every child.


And this is what this letter is about.  Help us find the children, all the children, not just in Moore, Oklahoma but in every small town, village, whatever, if they have lost their fishing stuff bring them to Buck Thomas Park in Moore the morning of July 27… and we will get them back on the water.


If you are a member of a B.A.S.S. club, or for that matter, any kind of fishing club, in a small town and you know the kids won’t be able to get to the city of Moore on July 27… if you come and tell us how many rods and reels you need…we will give them to you to take back to the children of your community.


No questions asked.


“…shining through…”


Recently I was asked if I thought that Tackle The Storm Foundation could possibly change a child’s life by giving them a fishing pole.


I understand the skepticism, especially when a scraggly long-haired dude in dark Costas and backwards baseball cap talks of magic wands.


I get it.


But I answered the question by saying, “I don’t know if it will change their lives, but I can damn well tell you, it will change their day.”


And to the children, know this,


it is possible to change a not so perfect world,


you just have to do it,




by day.


And you change it,


with puppies and lollipops,


with donuts and popsicles,


and especially with,


magic wands,


sent with love.


“…like a rainbow.”

True Colors

Cyndi Lauper

July 27, 7:30-10am, Buck Thomas Park, the pond will be stocked with fish for the kids by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, Fisheries, volunteers from the B.A.S.S. Nation North Oklahoma City Bassmasters, the Sooner Bassmasters, and the Oklahoma City Junior Bassmasters clubs, as well as several Bassmaster Elite Anglers and the folks from the city of Moore Parks and Recreation Department will be there to help the children fish.

More information on the event will be put up soon on CityofMoore.com and TackletheStormFoundation.org.

And special thanks to all those who support Tackle The Storm Foundation, you are the ones that have changed their day.



3 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the Children in Oklahoma

  1. Don,

    A very timely article! My daughter’s family live in Moore. Tornado just missed their house by a block and a half. I thank God for their safety. But so many, many more were not that blest. There are other small communities just as devastated but not receiving attention by the media. Union City, and Little Axe both very small towns also had severe damage. They are getting the crumbs from FEMA our local media to the greater extent but the suffering is just as real. A woman, with seven children, just now received a tent large enough for her family! They have no money to do their laundry at the laundry mat even. She is hard working and unfortunate circumstances beyond their control has taken everything from this family who was self-supporting. There are many more just like this family who so desperately need help. If you have a chance spread the word.

    Thank you Don!
    Justin Deemer
    Norman, OK.

    • Justin…if you know of kids in those small towns that have lost their fishing stuff, let me know and we will work on getting new stuff to the kids even if I have to drive it there myself.


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