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October 4th, 2012
About Us

by: admin


The Company

Wired2Fish.com, a website property of Wired2Fish, Inc., is based in Grand Rapids, Minn. Wired2Fish, Inc. includes Wired2Fish.com, Wired2Fish TV, and Wired2Fish Radio.

The goal of Wired2Fish is simple: Provide anglers with a great resource for all their freshwater fishing questions concerning how to fish for something, how to use a certain item of fishing tackle and keep up with the latest trends in tournament fishing and tackle for better catching their quarry of choice. We keep it fun

The People

All of us at Wired2fish are avid, die-hard anglers. Most of us are proven tournament anglers from the top levels of Pro Walleye Fishing down to the grassroots of competitive bass fishing. We live, breath and think fishing 24/7. To learn more about each contributor to the site, visit our Contributors page here: http://www.wired2fish.com/contributors/

Advertising Philosophy

Wired2Fish.com believes that it is incumbent on all fishing related entities to pull together to grow our sport. It is our obligation to every advertiser to deliver at a minimum everything we have agreed to via contract in a timely manner and it is our desire, in most cases, over deliver on our promises. You have our pledge to work with you to help you grow your brand and highlight your anglers and products in creative and unique ways.

We will stay in contact with your company to stay abreast of new products, additions to pro staffs, industry news, etc. and make sure we highlight them in a positive and forthright manner. We believe we can build the fishing community by including reputable companies, offering programs that show immediate return on investment and drive consumers to your brand. Competitive advantage is never compromised and confidentiality is always maintained.

Editorial Policy

Wired2Fish focuses on educating and entertaining readers and viewers through quality articles, photography, reviews and videos. We not only talk professional fishing and technique, we’ll do our best to review all the new bass fishing tackle each year so you have a good resource for what’s good that’s new out in the fishing tackle industry. We’ll stay on top of the latest professional fishing trends, the latest in tackle and technology advancements and share our on-the-water experience through articles and videos. We plan our articles around the seasonal patterns as best as we can knowing that in some places in the country it’s one season while it’s still another season in other parts. We have writers now spread from north to south and in between to hopefully cover fishing, especially bass fishing in a way that is interesting to all locales. We do not accept unsolicited manuscripts or queries at this time.

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