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According to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Colton Lambert, 12, caught a Maryland record largemouth bass while fishing at a farm pond in his hometown of Huntingtown on July 31. The fish was 11 pounds, 6 ounces and measured 26 inches in length with an 18-inch girth.

Colton was fishing with his father and younger brother at approximately 7:30 p.m. when he thought his line was caught on something. “All of a sudden something started to move very quickly and broke the surface and took off, peeling line off the reel,” he said. “It was really hard to control and reel in; when I finally slid it up on the shallow bank, my dad started getting all excited.”

His father knew this was the biggest largemouth bass he had seen. They put the fish in a large bucket of water and the next day took it to Tyler’s Tackle in Chesapeake Beach, an Award Center for the Maryland Fishing Challenge. It was weighed on the certified scale of the store’s adjoining seafood market. Colton caught the fish using a spinning rod loaded with an 8-pound test line and a Texas-rigged weightless worm.

Fisheries biologist Keith Lockwood verified proper procedures were followed and identified the fish as the new freshwater largemouth bass state record. Lockwood said that the fish could have easily weighed more if it had been in a fattened condition.

The previous record of 11 pounds, 2 ounces was held for nearly 30 years by Rodney Cockrell.

Colton will be recognized as a State record holder at the 2013 Maryland Fishing Challenge Finale on September 7 at the Maryland Seafood Festival at Sandy Point State Park in Annapolis.

The Maryland Fishing Challenge is a year-round contest for all anglers in Maryland. Anglers who catch and register any of the more than 80 Maryland Angler Award eligible sport fish species receive certificates of achievement and invitations to the Grand Finale. This year’s celebration will include chances to win a Tracker Marine boat package, a tropical vacation package from the World Fishing Network, tackle packages from Bill’s Outdoor Center and Bass Pro Shops, Under Armour gear and gift cards from various sponsors.

Now in its 9th year, the Challenge showcases Maryland and the Chesapeake Bay as a premier sport fishing destination with accessible, affordable, diverse and high quality fishing for anglers of all ages – from mountain streams, to the central Maryland lakes and the Potomac River, down to Chesapeake Bay, the Coastal Bays and the Atlantic Ocean.

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources maintains State records for sport fish and awards plaques to those who catch a record sized fish. Stay up-to-date with DNR Fisheries Service on Facebook and Twitter, or by joining Fisheries Service’s email subscription list.

21 thoughts on “12-Year Old Breaks 30-Year Maryland Largemouth Bass Record

  1. Private pond fish should not count. Fish in these type of waters not available to the public. Fish can be fed ” raised ” if u will. This bass was only available to a select few. Hallow “record”

    • Get over it Terry. As the manager of Bill’s Outdoor Center, I give my personal congrats to this young man
      I only hope this further fuels his desire to enhance his fishing skills and surpass the haters…

        • Why, because you haven’t caught any that set records? Check your local stocking schedule sheets and you’ll see a lot of ponds that are stocked by the state. What about those? Same thing. It’s a body of water in the state of Maryland that can sustain a living animal. Deep Creek Lake is technically a private body of water, until you purchase a license to fish in it, which is a state issued permission slip. And if you get caught trespassing without permission, you get fined. Same as a private pond.

  2. Congratulations to Colton! It doesnt matter where he caught it. Seeing a 12 year old break a state record and enjoy fishing with his family should motivate other kids to get into the sport.

  3. Terry, I bet your tone would change if you landed a state record from a private pond. I highly doubt that this 12 year old boy “raised” this fish. Your comment is ridiculous, and a shame to knock a young boy on a great accomplishment.

  4. I don’t really see his comment as “knocking” the kid. It’s true that it’s easier to catch bigger fish in private ponds and others don’t have access to it. I don’t think it should count either. Myself and countless other have never caught anything close to record but I still can’t wait to get out on the water. If the sport relied on kids breaking records to grow then it would be doomed.. I know if I had a record I wouldn’t want it broken by private pond fish.

  5. Oh he caught it on a private pond so what at least this young man landed him on 8lb test .how many people you know terry break big fish off from using light line an horsing them in a lot. I wanna say congradulation young man for a job well done!!!

  6. Congradulation to the boy………
    But understand some things are just easier………fishing a farm pond is one of those things!
    And when I say easier I mean, the fish are basically pets….or livestock, they can be fed, they can be selectively released to grow bigger, they are not subjected to the public.
    Look at the records for these type fish and many of the records are from farm ponds……bass, bluegill, catfish, etc.
    Many States separate coastal and tidal size records……making a freshwater or farm pond category would not be rediculous.

  7. I can understand why some think that a fish caught in private access waters shouldn’t count, but maybe a better solution might be to establish separate records for fish caught in public access waters vs. ones caught in private waters. It should also be noted that catching a large fish on light rigging is accomplished much easier on a small body of water where the fish’s movement is limited vs open water where the fish has pretty much unlimited space to run and break him off or spool his potential captor.

  8. Colton , you should feel very proud of your catch. You have caught a fish that these grown men have been fishing for their entire life for. The bottom line is they are jealous that a young man out fished them. Let all the grown man baby’s hate fuel your determination to be the best fisherman you can be. You are a part of history now and they can’t ever take that away from you.

  9. Some heated debates going on LOL. People have been raising fish in private bodies of water for many decades. Texas Share Lunker program is doing it high tech right now. However, they have not been able to surpass the current world record. I see some of your points, but until the rules change, the kid gets to ware the crown. I have actively spent countless days and nights trying to break the Va. state record with no luck. But one day it occured to me that unlike any other sport, fishing records can be broken by anyone that is at the right place at the right time and makes the right cast. You or I will NEVER break any football , soccer, baseball, or basketball record. But….but we do have a chance of breaking any fishing record. I caught one over 11 lbs this year in Va in a private residential lake. There was ice all over the guides of my rod that early March day and my hands were numb. Nice fish but no where near the record here. I lost a potential state record on Falls Lake in N.C. (well over 15lbs) I have caught several fish over ten pounds but I have put in the time to do it. It does hurt when someone walks out on a pier and casts out and reels in a double digit bass. But anyone can do it. Not everyone does, but it is possible. I guess it was this kids lucky day. I guess when rape is inevitable, you might as well just try to enjoy it. There is a bigger fish out there for you guys, so dont give up. Chris Jenkins

  10. Guys,
    Congratulations Colton! What about if the fish was caught on the lake, you’ll think that is fair for all of us that don’t have a boat and are shore bounded. For some of us those are the only places we can go fishing. Because even as co-angler in FLW or BASS the only time you can go fishing on a lake is during the tournament after that nobody invites you to go fishing on the lake. Also you have to give it to the kid because he landed the fish, How many of you has lost a dink that if lucky was tenth of that lunker. I understand what you’re saying about records but first is not the kiddo’s fault and I don’t think you should use this forum for this if you want to make changes.

  11. congrats kid

    i bet he is going to remember that for the rest of his life.
    maybe try to bring it to show and tell.

    i hope this kid grows up and eventuall wins a pro bass tournament, glad to see more kids in bass fishing

  12. i still remember the first bass i caught on my own.My father took me fishing all the time hoping that i would catch a fish and get hooked just like he did.it was an event that changed the rest of my life.i wouldn’t want it to be any different.i can only imagine the impact catching a state record would of had.Colton is a lucky young man ,anyone of you jealous whiners who have never had the relationship that colton and i are lucky enough to have with our fathers will never understand that there is more to life than worrying about everyone else-cry me a river,build me a bridge and get over it

  13. Certainly a very nice catch, congratulations..

    I however also do not approve of “pond” fish setting records. In South Africa it is only an official record if the fish was caught in water that is accessible to the public (does not matter if you require a license or not for the spesific piece of water as long as everybody is allowed to fish it, also does not matter if you fish from a boat/shore or floattube). Its kind of unfair to go catch a “record” if you have a perfect dam that allows you to grow fish in a controlled environment and only you fish it…I have seen it on more than one occasion where bass have been caught bigger than the current SA record on farm dams and didnt count because of this fact.

    Still it remains a prize catch … congratz Colton, this doesnt happen everyday :)

  14. Private pond or not still a fish and still had to have genetics and food supply to get that big. I agree they are easier to catch in small ponds do to less area to fish but still a record and on 8 pound test at that the kid is 12 and had no idea he’d be holding the Maryland state record nice fish man.

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